EU impact on London’s built environment industry

By 25th August 2016 February 15th, 2019 News

In this interview conducted by the New London Architecture I commented on the impact the EU had had on Britain’s built environment industry.


“Firstly, membership of the EU has only brought opportunity to the built environment industry in the UK.  It has brought a steady stream of investors and buyers here.  Secondly, membership has brought a huge number of migrants with architectural and construction expertise to the capital.   The impact of the EU on the type of commercial buildings being delivered in London is huge.

Lastly, if we go back 20 years, Britain was known as a country that didn’t really prioritise environmental issues.  Above all, strict EU policy on sustainable development and environmental issues, forced British developers to build to higher standards.

I think it is absolutely in Britain’s best interest to stay in the EU.  If only to stay in in its role of agent provocateur, to be the questioner and that ‘voice of reason’ within the EU.  In this role, we could lead from the front!”

New London Architecture host events relating to the built environment. Read an account here  of a recent seminarI attended about urban greening .

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