“Greening” Residential Developments – Landscaping Delivers Multiple Benefits

By 31st July 2018 February 12th, 2019 News
New build London property landscaping in Rathbone Place

The positive impact great landscaping has on property sales

I recently attended a fantastic workshop at New London Architecture’s HQ on Store Street that brought together a team of experts to discuss the idea of London becoming the ‘greenest global city’.  It was an opportunity to listen to built-environment professionals advocate for more landscaping and more ambitious ‘urban greening’ of London.  The event was scheduled to coincide with National Park City week: a visionary initiative aimed at making London the world’s first National Park City.

Hearing various experts talking about landscaping and green infrastructure, I realised an important point about both property values and saleability. Properties near green parks or with views over trees or access to attractive gardens command a premium price.

Proximity to nature – riverside, seaside or parkside –  enhances the value and saleability of property the world over.

When I’m getting a client development ready for market, I often find that the landscaping has either been forgotten or value-engineered out of the scheme.  What a shame!  Landscaping is an important part of the value proposition on any home.  It is even more important in busy towns and cities.  Larger new build residential schemes usually include outside areas of green, but the vision for these areas can be lacking. Landscaping should not just be present to satisfy the planners.  It should be an integral part of any new build in London for environmental, health and commercial reasons too.

What’s the Residential Edge approach to Landscaping?

One of the cornerstones of my approach at Residential Edge is to encourage my clients to include quality landscaping in their projects.  It makes great business sense to do this.   And it isn’t something that has to cost the earth either.  Nothing improves the kerb-appeal of a property more than window boxes of attractive flowers, or trees marking out the entrance to a development.   First impressions really matter.  Planting provides privacy from neighbours.  It can also provide a welcome sound barrier on busy roads.  Sometimes potential buyers won’t even go inside the property if they don’t like the look from the outside.  When I worked as an estate agent, we used to call these ‘drive by viewings’!  And if your property is suffering from the curse of the ‘drive by viewing’, then the unloved garden or unattractive entrance could be costing you a sale.

Raising the Bar for Everyone in London!

Everyone loves to feel connected with nature.  This feeling of connection can be difficult to achieve in densely populated cities like London.  So that’s why green spaces, however tiny, are so important.  The cumulative effect of ‘urban greening’ creates great added benefits for everyone.  One of the trustees of National Park City Foundation shared the most amazing fact at last week’s event:

If every household in London created just one more square metre of green space, London would become a National Park City!

You might wonder how this one metre square target can be reached?  It is not as difficult as you might imagine.  Window boxes, balconies, roof terraces, grassy verges, courtyard gardens, flat roofs all offer potential for greening and beautifying.  And if you chose the right planting, it can be good for pollinators too!

As great landscaping can make the difference between finding a buyer for your property or not, then why not ‘go green’?  This is just a brief overview of the importance of landscaping in new developments. There are lots of other things you can do to improve the saleability of your development / home.   If you would like more tips follow us on Twitter, or email me on sinead@residentialedge.co.uk with any specific questions you may have about using clever landscaping to leverage the price on your development.

My clients and I have been fortunate to work with landscape gardener Alaster Anderson on a number of occasions in the past few years.  His new business Instant Green Space is a treasure trove of information on how landscaping can transform your property!

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